Wednesday, July 27, 2011



Spread the love. This world is pretty fucked up.

I was talking to a stoner the other day. The guy was so depressing, [*sigh* glad I won't be seeing him for awhile] he totally thought that we were already hardwired in such a way that due to our parents and such ancestral lines that those who were the offspring of genetically privileged were destined to go further in life. Actors, politicians, etc were all of this genetically priviledged class who were destined to succeed because of their biology. Conversely, he tried to convince me that he had hit his success ceiling, that no matter how hard any of us tried we could NOT become millionaires, or in his case even become wealthy. What a fucking downer. I came from poverty in Texas and in less than two years I have turned that around more or less. Seriously this guy put shit in perspective for me. Don't let life get you down guys! If you tell yourself you can make it happen, you can.


  1. That's the problem with stoners. I know because I used to be one. :P

  2. We are not determined by our ancestry.

  3. If that guy was right then noone would have created the amazing technology we have today, noone would have built empires or governments or done anything!!! Geez that guy should be smacked. Sounds like he just wanted an excuse to never try. Stay positive :D

  4. Damn all the stoners here are total uppers ;D