Sunday, July 17, 2011


This blog is not for ranting, or looking for pity. But I ought to get this shit off my chest and start getting some help. So why not post it here and see if I get some useful, creative ideas from anyone who bothers to read through a post?

First I'll give you a little intro into who I am. Names Tyler Nichols, I am about to start my second year at Cal State University Northridge. Or so I thought, I lost a fair amount of money this semester due to budget cuts and me not realizing a %12 rise tuition means I don't get my school paid for anymore. So Bare minimum, the Feds will pay for my tuition, up to 12 or 13 units, so I am considered a full time student. That's great and all but now I have pay for my living near school. At the moment I am in debt to my current roommate about 500. I work at a movie theater that doesn't give me enough hours so I am looking at heading to Northridge with about $100 and no car, no job. Just classes to take.

I had thought I would be set with maybe $800 for the first month while I got a new job, and perhaps get my hands on a cheap car beforehand too, that just isn't happening.

This puts me where I am at now, wondering how the hell I am going to make LIFE work. Any ideas for making some extra cash I may not have thought of yet? Or some phantom alternative I am overlooking?


  1. I have no advice, but I know that feeling, man.

  2. College is a horrible experience in Cali right now with the budget cuts. Luckily for me I'm attending a community college and finishing my classes I need before transferring back to San Jose State U. I think you can't really do much about it... There comes a time when you have to sit down and work it all out "Do i have enough money?" "Can I afford this?" and if the answer is NO you might have to find a perm job for a year to make some money.


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  4. I know the feeling... I am way past the school phase.. but my fiance and I are in a similar situation... just not enough money to make ends meet... times they are rough...

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