Sunday, November 25, 2012


Haven't left any thoughts here in awhile, but today is as good a day as any.

Hello again reader!

I am going to tell you a tale of my recent experience at the Greystone Manor Supperclub.

This Thanksgiving [2012] I turned 21 years old, it happens every so often, I haven't checked but probably once every 3-4 years. Coincidentally this means everyone forgets that it still happens those years. 21 not being the prime year to have this overshadow "my" day. Not to come off as selfish but this year just hasn't been the best birthday I have been looking forward to.

So since I spent my time with family for Thanksgiving my birthday plans were postponed, which I don't mind.    My girlfriend Lucy and I got tickets to the Greystone Manor to see DJ Afrojack to celebrate and kick off my years of legal drinking!

We arrived on time, doors open* at 9:00. Well doors didn't open till later, oh well. Get inside and mingle around, check out the club a bit. It is a classy looking place, nice chandeliers, typical club couches and VIP tables around. The club has a tiny dance floor when we arrived, maybe 20 feet across, 40 feet back. They put VIP tables all around the dance floor and in front of the DJ booth for their top paying customers I guess. A few minutes later they finally opened up the floor a little more, possibly 10 feet wider after moving another table.

This club wasn't organized very well if you have guests inside and you still need to move around your furniture!

So let's get my first drink! I ask for something good, and got a AMF for $15, tipped my bartender $2. I wasn't feeling the slow Tech-House the house DJ played for the first 3 hours, so I get back to the bar and had to pay $8 for a draft beer, ripoff. Damn oh well. The guy tells me he will hook me up with a birthday shot if I come back in a few minutes. Sounds good except he never delivered and I was going to have to buy another drink to get that free shot anyways, like a Two-for-One deal. $15 for a good drink and a shot wasn't too bad except he ignored me at the bar the rest of the night so I kept my money.

Afrojack finally arrives at just after midnight and plays a set I feel like I have heard before. not too exciting, but expected track after track. I could feel it if I wasn't getting grinded on by some drunk slut behind me every other second. I tried to get her to respect my space but that wasn't happening, and she gives me a tough shove, so I mouthed off at her and tried to ignore it for the benefit of my night. Leave the dancefloor and I keep running into bullshit at every corner, we both got frustrated and left over an hour early.

I am not one to complain about shows, but the expectations were set pretty high for this night and I feel robbed. This club packed in probably 15-200 extra people on a dancefloor less than 900 sq feet, had crowds standing on top of each other, on top of couches, railings, all over. PACKED LIKE SARDINES, asking for over $80 a ticket for a 2 hour set.

This prompts me to never return to this venue, no matter the talent I can see it elsewhere, not surrounded by assholes and staff that are only trying to milk me for my money.

What a horrible blog post this was, but I need somewhere to rant, and this will be the latest in the archive for Tylers Forgotten Thoughts.

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